HUIKANGLI,Chinese name "Hui Kang Li",take meaning convergent inner health and outer beauty.Customers use our products and services,not pure is to get the health of the body or beauty of the appearance,HUIKANGLI insisted on manufacturing perfect products,let health and beauty play to the limit,the customer really get health inside and outside,and beauty in a longer time! Base on special profession & super technology for science,is brand concept of HUIKANGLI.For decades,intensive cultivation,and by modern technology,has always been a leader in the industry,this is HUIKANGLI's confidence and dogma.
In 1980,Mr.LiYuying come to Hong Kong to open Wing Yeungtong Medicine Manufactory,selected queen's road central,this is Hong Kong's most prosperous feng shui treasure-house,in the spirit of inheriting and developing traditional Chinese medicine,the good faith to the spirit of medicine development product,quickly opened Hong Kong and southeast Asia countries medicine market.
In 1987,by the investment environmental impact,manufacturing cost rise,Wing Yeung Tong migrated north to shatin.This year,Wing Yeung Tong's product success marketing to the medical market,and seting up own pharmaceutical company in the local.
In 2003,in response to the Hong Kong government urban construction industry planning needs,Wing Yeung Tong migration to Tuen Mun.
In 2012,Ansel suggested uesing Chinese "HUIKANGLI" as all enterprise unified logo,and registed.
So far,HUIKANGLI has 30 years medicine manufacture history.Wing Yeung Tong,Jin Ren House Limited Man Goods,inc.,U.S.A.,Tanwan R.O.C.,and Shenzhen Hui Kang Li Biotechnology Co.,Ltd made a group.HUIKANGLI's business activities and footprint are in Taiwan,Hong Kong,Japan,USA,New Zealand,Australia,and Malaysia,Thailand and other southeast Asian countries and regions,China will be key in the future market.
HUIKANGLI's business all around people expansion,pay attention to the people,people-oriented,will human factor in the first place.The customer's health and beauty is HUIKANGLI research products of initial,also is the ultimate goal.
The birth of a product,will experience a lot of link,HUIKANGLI will perfect quality,all luxury required,product every detail is strictly controlled,so that the final customer use is the most effective and no side effects natural products.
We live together in a limited resources on earth,because of this,we need more double protect our earth.HUIKANGLI advocate protection for the environment,and do this.Our industrial manufacturing practice are pollution-free, product packaging material also all useing environmental protection product,can be recycled,and not to damage environment.HUIKANGLI organize some good social activities,in order to more people know how to love and protect our earth.
The employee benefit maximization, company will have more people to join,also can be bigger and bigger.HUIKANGLI fully respect the vital interests of employees,let employees consciously love enterprise culture,HUIKANGLI can rely on as home.Success together embodies in HUIKANGLI and our partners,their development and strong make HUIKANGLI have a better tomorrow!
Hello!It's nice to share HUIKANGLI's company message,we sincerely hope that through continuous efforts to develop more perfect products to bring health and beauty to you and your family,friends. As a member of the social organization,company only keep up with the trend of the world to sustainable development,only in more practical action to reward society,company's social value will be social acceptance.
In line with company culture,People-oriented,Perfect Quality,Protect Environment,Success together,all staff work tirelessly.