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  1. Unique product,has the following advantages
    A To promote health and beauty
    B Product result immediately
    C No rival
    D Easy to cut and expand the market
  2. Products adopt advanced European and American fine chemical industry and the latest biotechnology development
    A Nanotechnology and molecular techniques
    B Cell bionic technology
    C Double liposome technology
    D The micro capsule and microsphere preparation technology
    E Solid dispersion technology
    F Inclusion technology
    G Nano capsule and nano ball preparation technology
    H Nano milk and the nano emulsion preparation technology
  3. Sunrise industry, big investment rewards
    A Beauty and health care is the 21st century the most investment value of the industry
    B New technologies, new products, new service achievements alone attractive business model
    C Industry are hugely profitable, investment act fast, high income
  4. Build your own kingdom
    A Build dream stage
    B Build your own team by heart, let it thrive
    C Determine our direction and goal, perseverance
    D OEM/ODM our products, in order to achieve the industry's highest peak, realize the value of life
  5. Eternal enterprise
    A HUIKANGLI have 30 years' experience in pharmaceutical, up to now, for many enterprises to provide services
    B International company, has broad space for development, but for your career development to provide continuing power
  6. Perfect life
    A Health
    B Beauty
    C Wealth
    D Benefit mankind